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It all started on the dance floor; a love affair with Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Vinay Pawar (Creator & Owner) wanted nothing more than to promote his love & passion for quality music and parties. Being a clubber and part of the EDM scene since 2004 , he knew exactly what he needed to do. And thus was born “Destiny Of Sounds” in 2009. Destiny of Sounds (DOS) endeavors to bring fresh, cutting edge and original sounds to the clubbing scene all over the country and have managed to do this so far through collaborations with Blue Frog, Qilla Records, Brute Force, Masti Girls and Submerge.In fact, their very first gig was bringing in powerhouse Brute Force a.k.a Tuhin Mehta on the 18th of September 2009. Yes, they were not fooling around. These boys were in it to WIN it! Ever since then, there has been no looking back. DOS understands that EDM is still in its growing stages in India and therefore having well known, international artists play on a regular basis will only further expand the audience for this experience thus pulling in more people out of their homes and into the clubs. However, it is a very important part of their mission to also promote local talent. This mix of national & international talent is easily visible in events already held by DOS. Successful parties have been held with artists like DJ Pearl, Ronski Speed, Ma Faiza, Dirty Vegas & Anish Sood tearing up various dancefloors across India! Anyway, enough about DOS. Tell us what is your Destiny? If you ask Vinay he will tell you it’s on the dancefloor…where you belong.

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